Frozen Planet 2

Did you see the first part of Frozen Planet 2? Adorable scenes of penguin chicks making their way to the sea for the first time and amazing drama as killer whales show their intelligence and guile by creating waves to topple a seal from its iceberg. But the scenes of enormous skyscrapers of ice calvingContinue reading “Frozen Planet 2”

Adoette Book Launch

I was privileged this evening to attend the book launch of Adoette by Lydia Monks. Lydia began the evening on a very sad note, informing us all that Queen Elizabeth had died. The event was hosted by Marmadukes on Ecclesall Road a lovely venue. The book tells the story of Adoette, which means “big tree”.Continue reading “Adoette Book Launch”

Sizewell C. Is the Government really thinking of the future?

French corporation EDF wants to build two huge nuclear reactors on the fragile Suffolk Heritage Coast called Sizewell C. The new Prime Minister will have to decide if this goes ahead. EDF hopes to make a  “final investment decision” by mid-2023. One of Boris Johnson’s last acts as Prime Minister was to pledge £700m forContinue reading “Sizewell C. Is the Government really thinking of the future?”

What is driving the food crisis?

Mike Anthony asks “Why are all the rising prices and shortages blamed on the war in Ukraine? Why aren’t we importing more from America and Canada?” (Letters August 24th) Unfortunately, we have a very unhealthy reliance on imports from Ukraine and Russia. Together, Russia and Ukraine export nearly a third of the world’s wheat andContinue reading “What is driving the food crisis?”

Sheffield Connect circular bus route

The Star printed this letter today but unfortunately failed to print the map again! Having travelled on the very first Sheffield Connect bus service, I must write to agree with J Robin Hughes. We must use this new city centre circular route, or we may lose it. It is a free service if you haveContinue reading “Sheffield Connect circular bus route”

How a city can save the world

Last week I was privileged to see the Crucible Studio production “How a city can save the world”, directed by Tess Seddon and performed by the Sheffield People’s Theatre. We witnessed five ordinary Sheffielders transported into a dystopian future where only 24 people had survived the eco-apocalypse. I’m sure many of the audience will haveContinue reading “How a city can save the world”

A quarter of all the work we do is to make extremely rich people even richer.

As many more trade unions consider strike action it is worth stepping back and thinking about our economy. Inflation is already at 9% and the Bank of England are expecting it to rise to 13%. This is probably an underestimate. For the poorest, who spend a much greater proportion of their income on fuel andContinue reading “A quarter of all the work we do is to make extremely rich people even richer.”

Flying is damaging our climate

A letter to the Sheffield Star I can’t let B Heaton get away with the comment “modern planes are being made ever more green”. Flying remains the most damaging form of transport to our climate. If you want to reduce your personal impact the first two things to do are to fly less and eatContinue reading “Flying is damaging our climate”

A tour of London Docklands

In a week where temperature records were smashed, I spent some time visiting family in London.  On Friday I  toured  London Docklands with my brother. The first point of note was the travel cost. An all-day off-peak travel card cost me £9.50, not much more than two return trips by bus from my home toContinue reading “A tour of London Docklands”