Why haven’t Sheffield City Council banned Glyphosate yet?

This is the question lots of people have been asking me recently, especially on the journey to London for the Big One. To see why this is important please see Sheffield City Council moves to reduce Glyphosate and Sheffield Council debate Glyphosate. Whatever the result of the local election campaigners for nature need to up ourContinue reading “Why haven’t Sheffield City Council banned Glyphosate yet?”

A tour of London Docklands

In a week where temperature records were smashed, I spent some time visiting family in London.  On Friday I  toured  London Docklands with my brother. The first point of note was the travel cost. An all-day off-peak travel card cost me £9.50, not much more than two return trips by bus from my home toContinue reading “A tour of London Docklands”

The Knife Angel should come to Sheffield

The consultation on whether or not the Knife Angel sculpture comes to Sheffield is a good opportunity to have conversations about carrying knives. As a young teacher, I had to remove a knife from a teenager at a school disco. Fortunately, the incident ended without injury, but it could have been so different. Knife Angel isContinue reading “The Knife Angel should come to Sheffield”

Protest is not a Crime

The government’s Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill (the Policing Bill) reaches a crucial stage this week. The measures are designed to control political challenges by threatening dissenters with disproportionate punishment, effectively scaring people into forfeiting their right to protest. Many people are aware that this Bill is a threat to basic civil liberties butContinue reading “Protest is not a Crime”

Keep Virunga Fossil Fuel Free

The climate crisis is a justice issue. The countries that have emitted the most carbon dioxide since the industrial revolution, such as the USA, China and Russia (UK are 8th) are not the same as the MAPA  (most affected people and areas) that are mainly in the global South and have produced little CO2. SheffieldContinue reading “Keep Virunga Fossil Fuel Free”

When your bath is overflowing, turn the taps off!

It’s just 3 weeks until the vital COP26 conference. Over the next few days, we will be hearing many corporations and countries speaking about their plans to reach net-zero carbon emissions. Are these promises to be trusted, or are they greenwashing, fooling the public into believing they are doing well when in fact they areContinue reading “When your bath is overflowing, turn the taps off!”

The Church and Climate Chaos

It was wonderful to join with the young people on the Young Christian Climate Movement march to Glasgow as they passed through Sheffield on the way to COP26. We greeted them at St Mary’s Bramall Lane and walked together on the last mile of their journey to Sheffield Cathedral.  They say “Our sisters and brothersContinue reading “The Church and Climate Chaos”