Keep Virunga Fossil Fuel Free

The climate crisis is a justice issue. The countries that have emitted the most carbon dioxide since the industrial revolution, such as the USA, China and Russia (UK are 8th) are not the same as the MAPA  (most affected people and areas) that are mainly in the global South and have produced little CO2. SheffieldContinue reading “Keep Virunga Fossil Fuel Free”

When your bath is overflowing, turn the taps off!

It’s just 3 weeks until the vital COP26 conference. Over the next few days, we will be hearing many corporations and countries speaking about their plans to reach net-zero carbon emissions. Are these promises to be trusted, or are they greenwashing, fooling the public into believing they are doing well when in fact they areContinue reading “When your bath is overflowing, turn the taps off!”

The Church and Climate Chaos

It was wonderful to join with the young people on the Young Christian Climate Movement march to Glasgow as they passed through Sheffield on the way to COP26. We greeted them at St Mary’s Bramall Lane and walked together on the last mile of their journey to Sheffield Cathedral.  They say “Our sisters and brothersContinue reading “The Church and Climate Chaos”

Sheffield Council to reduce Glyphosate use

There is news today on Sheffield Council’s plans to reduce the use of Glyphosate. This is a good start, but the action falls far short of the demands of the petition that was signed by 6595 people. We await the details of the scheme that will enable residents to keep their pavements Glyphosate free ifContinue reading “Sheffield Council to reduce Glyphosate use”

Sheffield Council debate Glyphosate

Today I presented the petition to Sheffield City Council, calling them to stop using Glyphosate. This forced a debate, which was very positive. The conclusion, after some debate about who it should be referred to, was that the Executive Cabinet will make a decision about this. (The Lib Dems and Greens voted for this, LabourContinue reading “Sheffield Council debate Glyphosate”

The Council declaring a Nature Emergency should be on the front page!

A letter to the Sheffield Star Dear Editor Sometimes I am perplexed by your choice of front-page story. Today you lead on another revamp of Fargate, but on reading the article there are few details of the plan apart from the Council takeover of one shop. On page 16 in a single column, you hideContinue reading “The Council declaring a Nature Emergency should be on the front page!”

Solidarity with Palestine

May 15th is marked every year as Nakba (Catastrophe) Day. It commemorates the expulsion, during 1948-9, of 700,000 Palestinians from their land. Today Israel’s oppression has become so entrenched that Human Rights Watch report in April 2021 states “Abusive Israeli policies constitute crimes of Apartheid. Here’s my video from the vigil. Please sign this petitionContinue reading “Solidarity with Palestine”

It’s our economic system that is in need of a psychiatrist

To the Editor of the Sheffield Star Your correspondent S Thompson was highly amused that Dr Bing Jones is so terrified of the dangers of climate change he chose to sit in Ecclesall Road to warn us all about it. Let’s think for a moment why he is so terrified.  When CO2 concentrations were lastContinue reading “It’s our economic system that is in need of a psychiatrist”