Barclays action day in Sheffield

Extinction Rebellion targeted branches of Barclays all over the country today to draw attention to the fact that they are the biggest funders of fossil fuels in Europe. Act Now performed this sketch several times around the city. WARNING! Contains frightening graphs and language some may find offensive. A team of “dirty scrubbers” then arrivedContinue reading “Barclays action day in Sheffield”

Destroying Ancient Forests is not renewable.

Much of the electricity you use in your house originates from Drax Power Station at Selby. It produces 6% of the country’s electricity. You’ve probably seen the six boilers, each as high as a 15-storey office block, and the main chimney which is taller than the London Eye. Drax claims to produce renewable energy byContinue reading “Destroying Ancient Forests is not renewable.”

Community Climate Talks in Sheffield hear scientist claim that business as usual will cause 3 billion people to move over the next 50 years.

A guest blog by Finn Davison On October 11th, Dr John Grant and the Sheffield branch of Extinction Rebellion held a free, open-to-all, community climate talk at Hallam University. He urged attendees to take action and get involved with activism groups such as XR. In the wake of a never-before-seen 40 °C British summer, itContinue reading “Community Climate Talks in Sheffield hear scientist claim that business as usual will cause 3 billion people to move over the next 50 years.”

Angry conservation groups accuse Government of “War on Nature”

Liz Truss’ Government has not started well. Not only have they deepened the cost of living crisis, uniting campaigners from Trade Unions and pressure groups in the Enough is Enough movement, but they have also upset much more conservative, conservation and wildlife groups who have got together to fight what they have called the WarContinue reading Angry conservation groups accuse Government of “War on Nature”

Tree-sistance (a rough guide to NVDA)

Last night I was privileged to attend the premiere of the new film Tree-sistance (a rough guide to Non Violent Direct Action) by Graeme Benson. If you look very hard you will see me in the trailer marshalling a protest! But why do we need another tree film when we already have The Felling? TheyContinue reading “Tree-sistance (a rough guide to NVDA)”

 Righting Climate Wrongs

A guest blog by Oliver Blensdorf As of last week, in Pakistan, one-third of districts have had to declare flood emergencies, leaving at least 10% of Pakistan’s land area actually under water.  That’s equivalent to one-third of all the land in the whole United Kingdom.  And Pakistan is not alone in such devastating experiences, asContinue reading ” Righting Climate Wrongs”

Frozen Planet 2

Did you see the first part of Frozen Planet 2? Adorable scenes of penguin chicks making their way to the sea for the first time and amazing drama as killer whales show their intelligence and guile by creating waves to topple a seal from its iceberg. But the scenes of enormous skyscrapers of ice calvingContinue reading “Frozen Planet 2”

Adoette Book Launch

I was privileged this evening to attend the book launch of Adoette by Lydia Monks. Lydia began the evening on a very sad note, informing us all that Queen Elizabeth had died. The event was hosted by Marmadukes on Ecclesall Road a lovely venue. The book tells the story of Adoette, which means “big tree”.Continue reading “Adoette Book Launch”