How do we wake people up to demand change? Thoughts on The Big One

Last Friday I joined with thousands of campaigners peacefully protesting without causing any disruption, outside important Government departments in Westminster. My small part was to join the newly formed Sheffield Climate Choir, singing “Let Us Stand” written by Sheffield choir leader Kate Thomas. A second song, “Voice of Change” had some in tears when itContinue reading “How do we wake people up to demand change? Thoughts on The Big One”

The Big One, Friday

It was great to join the Sheffield Climate Choir at the Big One on Friday. Here are a few highlights from the day. The Red Robes, Air Crew and the Climate Choirs lead the march to Parliament. The Choir sing Let Us Stand by Sheffield Choir leader Kate Thomas Outside the Department of Transport OutsideContinue reading “The Big One, Friday”

The climate time bomb is ticking

Last week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Synthesis Report. It briefly made headlines on the BBC and in the more sensible newspapers, but was then quickly forgotten. Greta Thunberg commented “Today, after yesterday’s IPCC report, everything is back to normal – as always. We continue to ignore the climate crisis asContinue reading “The climate time bomb is ticking”

We plough the fields and spray them

Sing along to the video! We plough the fields and spray them With Glyphosate each year It kills the weeds and insects And gets into our beer The cancer grows inside us The bees they fade and die But farmers keep on spraying They believe Monsanto’s lie. All good gifts around us Are sprayed withContinue reading “We plough the fields and spray them”