COP26 Coalition Rally, Sheffield Town Hall, 12th June 2021

Many different groups joined together in Sheffield City Centre to send a clear message to the G7 leaders meeting in Cornwall and those preparing to go to COP in Glasgow in November. ACT NOW! I was particularly pleased to hear the Extinction Rebellion Justice Group “pass the mic” to the global south, by reading messages from XR campaigners in Namibia and India. Here are the speeches, in no particular order.

Ci Davis from XR Sheffield Justice Group
Darcy White from XR Sheff Justice Group passes the mic to the Global South
Andrew passes the mic to Namibia
John speaks for the National Education Union
Hilary speaks on behalf of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Alex speaks for the Student Climate Action Committee
Mark from the NEU talks about the Schools Climate Education Conference and Megan speaks on behalf of Youth Strike for Climate
Joan Miller from Green New Deal South Yorkshire
Yasmin from Take the Knee Sheffield
Spokesperson from the Trades Council
Fran from the Better Buese Campaign
Burngreave Clean Air Campaign
Many thanks to Fran Haddock for the photos
Many thanks to Fran Haddock for the photos

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