It’s our economic system that is in need of a psychiatrist

To the Editor of the Sheffield Star

Your correspondent S Thompson was highly amused that Dr Bing Jones is so terrified of the dangers of climate change he chose to sit in Ecclesall Road to warn us all about it. Let’s think for a moment why he is so terrified. 

When CO2 concentrations were last at the levels we have today temperatures were 2C to 3C hotter and sea levels were around 50-60 feet higher. This is what is happening to our planet. We can expect ice caps and glaciers to continue to melt, food supplies to be endangered as crops fail in droughts, storms and floods. We can expect millions of refugees including from within our own country as cities like London are flooded. We can expect extreme suffering and deaths from heat exhaustion as the temperatures continue to rise. We can expect wars over increasingly scarce resources and more pandemics. Our children and grandchildren will have to foot the mega bill for technological solutions that don’t yet exist to extract the carbon dioxide back from the atmosphere. Is this the future you want for your grandchildren?

We must stop emitting carbon into the atmosphere as soon as possible and certainly by 2030. Tinkering with the recycling system as S Thomson suggests is not going to cut it. Governments all over the world must cooperate now to switch from oil and gas to renewables. Our homes and workplaces need to be fully insulated and converted from natural gas to air source heat pumps or other renewable systems as soon as possible. Kevin Hughes (on the same letters page) has the right idea, we need to convert our military spending to combat the very real threat of an unstable climate. Public transport needs to run on renewable energy and needs to be so good people don’t bother to have a car. We need to be planting billions of trees and re-wilding nature. This is what Green campaigners mean by systemic change.

Like Bing I have signed countless petitions and been on countless demonstrations yet each year CO2 emissions continue to rise. There have now been far more arrests from protesting against climate change than were endured by the Suffragettes. You may think Dr Jones is a nutcase, but it is our economic system that is in need of a psychiatrist.

Graham Wroe

Original letters from S Thomson and Kevin Hughes

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