Labour Councillors and the Green New Deal

A group of Sheffield Labour candidates have been promoting their support for the Green New Deal

This Tweet really saddened me because it is so obviously untrue. Green Councillors and candidates have been campaigning for a Green New Deal for many years. All the Green Party candidates support a Green New Deal for Sheffield. Nationally Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis (Labour MP) have cooperated brilliantly together to promote the campaign in Parliament.

Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis (frpm

To successfully tackle the climate emergency it is vital for politicians to work together and cooperate. Instead of rubbishing the Greens, these Labour Candidates should be working with them and learning from their experience. The Labour for a Green New Deal movement have many good ideas and some of these people I consider to be my friends. However I have to call out the untruthfulness of this tweet.

It is very clear from the map that none of these candidates are currently in the Cabinet. So if they were elected they wouldn’t have the power to change the Council policies. The map also begs the question, what do the other Labour candidates support? The planet has not got time for us to elect politicians that are not taking the climate crisis seriously.

To be sure of voting for a candidate that makes the climate crisis the top priority, vote Green. Please do not vote for the following Labour candidates who are apparently not supporting the Green New Deal.

Mick Rooney-Woodhouse

Adam Hurst- West Ecclesfield

Lisa Banes-Stocksbridge and Upper Don

Tony Damms-Southey

Peter Price-Shiregreen and Brightside

Mike Drabble-Richmond

David Barker-Richmond

Tony Downing-Mosborough

Robert Johnson-Hillsborough

Jackie Kennedy-Fulwood

Alan Law-Firth Park

Zoe Sykes -Ecclesall

Andy Bainbridge-East Ecclesfield

Samantha Nicholson-Dore and Totley

Mazher Iqbal-Darnall

Bryan Lodge-Birley

Julie Gledhill-Beighton

To find out more about the candidates in your ward visit

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