The Truth about Coral Reefs

Once again, the Star prints a letter full of completely unscientific nonsense from Neville Martin. It is the environmental equivalent of someone claiming the holocaust didn’t happen. I really don’t know why you print such drivel. The truth about coral reefs is as follows. Half the world’s coral reefs have already been killed by climateContinue reading “The Truth about Coral Reefs”

Are the criticisms of Extinction Rebellion justified?

Since my last article 30,000 people went to London to rebel and 1500 were arrested for peacefully protesting about the climate and ecological crisis. About 20 arrestees were from Sheffield. Co-leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley and author George Monbiot were also arrested. People rebelled in many different and dramatic ways. Grandparents marched andContinue reading “Are the criticisms of Extinction Rebellion justified?”

Full Council Meeting October 2019

In the video you will see questions being posed to Sheffield City Council concerning the climate and ecological emergency and biodiversity. The questions were answered by Cllr Mark Jones who is the cabinet member responsible for the environment. He later sent a much more detailed response, which follows. It is a long read so IContinue reading “Full Council Meeting October 2019”

The eve of the Rebellion

I am writing this article as many of my friends prepare to travel to London to join the Extinction Rebellion protest which aims to disrupt Westminster, forcing the Government to bring the Climate and Ecological Emergency to the top of its agenda. Many are prepared to face arrest for their non violent direct action, inspiredContinue reading “The eve of the Rebellion”

Our politicians are failing us but the people are rising up!

It is now more than 7 months since Sheffield City Council declared a Climate Emergency. Some progress has been made. The Tyndall Report was commissioned and has shown that the Council need to reduce its emissions by 14% every year to reach the target of zero by 2030. They are working on a Citizens AssemblyContinue reading “Our politicians are failing us but the people are rising up!”

Star missed a golden opportunity to educate readers about our overheating planet.

31st July 2019 Dear Editor Your front page on 26th July celebrated the hottest temperature recorded in Sheffield since 1882. It was treated as if 35.1 degrees C was to be warmly welcomed. It is in fact a dire warning of what is to come. The Star missed a golden opportunity to educate readers about our overheatingContinue reading “Star missed a golden opportunity to educate readers about our overheating planet.”

Religions have a vital role in helping save the planet

27th July 2019 Dear Editor Having lost the debate about climate science Neville Martin has now moved on to religion (Star letters 20.7.19). If he has grandchildren I wonder if they will be comforted by his assertion that God is in control, so we needn’t worry about the destruction of our life support system. For thoseContinue reading “Religions have a vital role in helping save the planet”

The Star must tell the truth about the Climate Emergency

Have you ever noticed a lump growing on your body? Maybe you’ve thought, it’s probably nothing, if I ignore it, it will go away. If you’ve been in that situation I sincerely hope you had a good friend who encouraged you to go to the doctors and get it checked out. Denial is a naturalContinue reading “The Star must tell the truth about the Climate Emergency”