Sheffield Council debate Glyphosate

Today I presented the petition to Sheffield City Council, calling them to stop using Glyphosate. This forced a debate, which was very positive. The conclusion, after some debate about who it should be referred to, was that the Executive Cabinet will make a decision about this. (The Lib Dems and Greens voted for this, Labour prefering it was referred to Scrutiny Committee, but the Greens and Lib Dems can now out vote Labour). It was a very positive debate with most speakers in favour of a ban. You can see it in full here. (starts after 34 minutes)

Before the debate there was an excellent rally outside Ponds Forge. Here are some videos.

Graham Wroe who started the petition

Cllr Alison Teal, Green Party member of the Cooperative Executive

Ci Davis XR Justice Group

Act Now

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