Sheffield City Council moves to reduce Glyphosate use

After campaigning on this for several years I am delighted that Green councillor Alison Teal made the most of her position on the cooperative executive to initiate the process to ban the use of the dangerous herbicide Glyphosate. Coincidentally, Brincliffe, the trial area, is in Nether Edge and Sharrow ward where I am hoping to be elected in May. I look forward to working with residents who live in Brincliffe, helping them understand the importance of this trial. Glyphosate is dangerous to insects, birds and humans. The nature emergency means we need to stop using it for general purposes as soon as possible.

The Council press release is here.

Much more information about Glyphosate can be found here.

Here is the pack I produced for Sheffield Councillors

Act Now perform street theatre warning of the dangers of Glyphosate

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