Correction-Sheffield City Council Elections

Please can I correct a mistake I made in last week’s column “We must defend democracy“? I stated that next May, two-thirds of the Councillors will need to defend their seats in the Sheffield City Council elections. This is incorrect, as 2021 was due to be a “fallow” year, with no elections. The postponed 2020 election is now due next May, and one-third of the seats will be contested as usual.
This does not change the fact that these elections are crucial, as the ruling Labour group could easily lose control of the Council. The current make up of the Council is Labour 46 seats, Lib Dems 26, Green Party 8, Independent 1. There are currently 3 vacancies, all from previously Labour-held seats. So if 8 seats change hands from Labour to opposition parties, they will lose overall control of the Council.
Many thanks to the sharp-eyed readers that pointed out my mistake.

2 thoughts on “Correction-Sheffield City Council Elections

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