Questions to Council concerning the planned new ring road.

I went to Full Council this afternoon to ask these questions.

In the Draft Development Framework, there are plans to build a new dual carriageway from Park Square to Granville Square, behind the station through Sheaf Valley Park. This will be extremely unpopular with the residents of Park Hill and Norfolk Park, due to increased noise and air pollution, the decrease of walking routes into town, the loss of green space and the end of the useful life of the Amphitheatre which would now be so close to a noisy road, audiences would not be able to hear performers. A petition against the road proposal was launched very recently and already has 639 signatures. The petition is here.…/stop-the-new-dual…A Council that was serious about the climate emergency would not be considering such a proposal. A new dual carriageway will encourage more drivers to drive. What we need to do is improve the public transport system to encourage drivers to leave their cars at home. Swopping the tram and the road routes will do very little to improve public transport.

1.What alternative plans are being considered?

2, Where can these plans be viewed?

3.How can citizens influence this decision?

4.Please, give a commitment not to build a new dual carriageway today.

Unfortunately no answers were forthcoming. The reason given for this was Cllr Mazher Iqbal was not well, so was not able to answer. Surely the leader of the Council could have answered on his behalf, especially as all questions have to be submitted at least 2 days before the meeting. I have been promised a full written response, was will keep you all informed.

Graham Wroe at Sheaf Valley Park with trees that may be felled to make way for the ring road.

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