The Star has broken the readers charter

Our argument is not with Neville Martin, who is entitled to his misinformed view, but with the Sheffield Star for publishing such an outrageous headline. If a reader writes to you claiming measles jabs cause autism, will you make that your headline? If Benson Hedges writes to you saying smoking is good for health, will you publish that? Or if Ann Azi writes saying the gas chambers were a hoax, will you make that your headline? Presumably not! So why then do you think it is ok to splash “Man-made climate change is a myth” in a bold headline on 31st May? Scientists are no longer debating this. Man-made climate change is a fact and those that try to stop meaningful action to combat it are complicit in both genocide and ecocide. People around the globe are already fleeing their land because they can no longer grow crops. Islands in the Pacific are beginning to drown. Wildfires are increasing both in intensity and frequency. Hurricanes are more common. We are experiencing mass extinction of species. The UN says we have until 2030 to halve our emissions or risk the planet’s climate spiralling out of control.

Publishing this headline has clearly broken your Readers Charter. which promises to report accurately and fairly stories in the public interest and to report news readers can trust. What is the Star going to do to regain the trust of its readers? When is the Star going to start telling the truth and properly educate its readers about the dire state the world is in?

Yours sincerely
Graham Wroe
Sam Wake

Louis Brijmohun

John Grant

Jake Helliwell

Robert Howarth

Ohushola Adesanya

Andrew Clark

Liz Worrell

Frances Yarlett

Sophie Armour

Naomi Rosenberg

Lottie Hopkins

Jess Zollman Thomas

Jemma Crisp

Nina Lallemand

Dave Baillie

Ella Musgrove

Edie Elliott

Natasha Hobbs

Ken Hobbs

Deborah Karour

HJ Rostron

Mike Tanson

India Johnson

David French

Ro Barkshire

Clair Mullineaux

Mandy McCann

Geraldine Roberts

Carol Dale

Zaheem Mushtaq

Joanna Harley

Emma Plant

Geoff Cox

Janice Brown

Andrea Allsop

Laura McQuillan

Tara Appleyard

Sam Baker


The controversial letter.


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