Stop the new dual carriageway in Sheffield

A new dual carriageway is being proposed, to run from Park Square to Granville Square, behind the station through Sheaf Valley Park. It is part of a £1.5 billion scheme to revamp the Sheaf Valley area of the city centre.  City planners have had the gall to proclaim that this will help meet our climateContinue reading “Stop the new dual carriageway in Sheffield”

The Climate Election in Sheffield Central

54% of voters say climate change will affect how they vote, according to a recent poll. But which party will they vote for? As soon as the candidates were announced I wrote to the prospective MP’s for Sheffield Central, asking them about the climate crisis. I had two comprehensive replies, from Colin Ross the Lib DemContinue reading “The Climate Election in Sheffield Central”

The Climate Election

All the candidates have now been announced. In my constituency, Sheffield Central the following are standing. Alison Clare Teal – Green Party Barry Edmund James – Independent Chris Marsden – Socialist Equality Party Colin Arthur Ross – Liberal Democrats Jack Patrick Carrington – Yorkshire Party Janice Silvester-Hall – Conservative Party Paul Christopher Blomfield – LabourContinue reading “The Climate Election”