Why haven’t Sheffield City Council banned Glyphosate yet?

This is the question lots of people have been asking me recently, especially on the journey to London for the Big One. To see why this is important please see Sheffield City Council moves to reduce Glyphosate and Sheffield Council debate¬†Glyphosate. Whatever the result of the local election campaigners for nature need to up ourContinue reading “Why haven’t Sheffield City Council banned Glyphosate yet?”

Sheffield Local Elections, trees, lies and mis-information

It is very concerning that this year’s local elections have been dominated by lies and misinformation from the two main parties. Behaviour like this can only undermine the public trust in our politicians and is very dangerous for democracy. Following the Lowcock Report, where the Labour Council were found to have misled the courts, andContinue reading “Sheffield Local Elections, trees, lies and mis-information”

Don’t believe a Lib Dem election leaflet!

I was astonished to see this leaflet from the Lib Dems. The true state of the parties is Not only have the Lib Dems distorted the axis to make it look as if they are close challengers to Labour, but they have deliberately missed out the 14 Green Party Councillors! Unfortunately, this is not illegalContinue reading “Don’t believe a Lib Dem election leaflet!”