South Yorkshire Climate Alliance call for cross-party solutions to Climate Emergency.

A guest blog by By Joan Miller from South Yorkshire Climate Alliance Four years ago Sheffield City Council declared a Climate Emergency but since then progress to zero carbon has been far too slow. It is certainly not what the massive gathering of protesters was calling for back in 2019.  So this week South YorkshireContinue reading “South Yorkshire Climate Alliance call for cross-party solutions to Climate Emergency.”

I declare a Nature Emergency. Do you?

Sheffield Council still refuse to declare a nature emergency. They know if they did they would have to rethink their use of dangerous pesticides and herbicides like Glyphosate that kill our wild flowers, insects and pollinators. Nature Recovery Sheffield has been set up to form a massive coalition to campaign for a Nature Emergency declaration.Continue reading “I declare a Nature Emergency. Do you?”

Less sugar, more bees please!

Do you, like me, have a sweet tooth? You may then be concerned to read that the Uk’s sugar industry is in big trouble.  Last winter was exceptionally mild in England, with few frosts. This allowed record-breaking numbers of aphids to survive. They transmit a kind of beet malaria (virus yellows) to the sugar beet.Continue reading “Less sugar, more bees please!”