We plough the fields and spray them

Sing along to the video! We plough the fields and spray them With Glyphosate each year It kills the weeds and insects And gets into our beer The cancer grows inside us The bees they fade and die But farmers keep on spraying They believe Monsanto’s lie. All good gifts around us Are sprayed withContinue reading “We plough the fields and spray them”

Bail out the planet

A letter to the Star in reply to Gary Speck It is a shame that Gary Speck of Millhouses does not recognise that Extinction Rebellion supporters may also currently be mourning the loss of loved ones, be risking their lives in front line jobs or wondering if they will still have a job when theContinue reading “Bail out the planet”

We need a new normal

Politicians are debating how the country can get back to normal as we begin the long road to recovery from Coronavirus. Citizens should make it clear that we must not return to “business as normal”. My heartfelt sympathies go out to all who have lost loved ones to this awful pandemic and to those thatContinue reading “We need a new normal”