Flying is damaging our climate

A letter to the Sheffield Star I can’t let B Heaton get away with the comment “modern planes are being made ever more green”. Flying remains the most damaging form of transport to our climate. If you want to reduce your personal impact the first two things to do are to fly less and eatContinue reading “Flying is damaging our climate”

A tour of London Docklands

In a week where temperature records were smashed, I spent some time visiting family in London.  On Friday I  toured  London Docklands with my brother. The first point of note was the travel cost. An all-day off-peak travel card cost me £9.50, not much more than two return trips by bus from my home toContinue reading “A tour of London Docklands”

Christian fined for climate protest.

Sheffielder Sam Wakeling, a father of two children, was arrested with six friends whilst taking part in a prayer vigil outside London City Airport. It was part of an Extinction Rebellion protest in October 2019. He was convicted and fined £796 for failing to provide his name and address when asked by a police officer.Continue reading “Christian fined for climate protest.”

We need a new normal

Politicians are debating how the country can get back to normal as we begin the long road to recovery from Coronavirus. Citizens should make it clear that we must not return to “business as normal”. My heartfelt sympathies go out to all who have lost loved ones to this awful pandemic and to those thatContinue reading “We need a new normal”

Airport expansion blocked at Heathrow and Bristol. Doncaster and Leeds next?

Green campaigners are celebrating the brilliant news that Heathrow airport expansion has been stopped because it is incompatible with the Paris Agreement. At last, the courts have realised how important the Paris agreement is and legal campaigners Plan B and Friends of the Earth must be congratulated for winning this David and Goliath battle.  BristolContinue reading “Airport expansion blocked at Heathrow and Bristol. Doncaster and Leeds next?”